How To Make Daisy Flowers With Fondant
By kml9876 | Published on Wednesday June 29, 2011 | Categories: Sweet Treats | Cakes | Fondant | Cupcakes

The picture above are the tools that I used to make the flowers.

I saw a picture of flowers like these on There were not any instructions listed. I had taken all of the Wilton cake decorating classes so I had a general idea of how to make flowers. I made these flowers to put on the top of cupcakes for a bridal shower. The bride was using daisies as her flowers for the wedding. 

  • Fondant
  • Water
  • Different colored sprinkles
  • Cutters (Daisy shaped and also a small circle)
  • Wilton flower tool
  • Empty egg carton
  • Rolling pin
  • Fondant shaping foam mat
  • A mat to roll out fondant
  • Shortening (to grease mat)

  1. Grease the mat with shortening.
  2. Depending on how many flowers you plan to make will depend on the amount of fondant to use.
  3. Take out a section of fondant and work in your hands to make it warm and soft.
  4. When it is softened form the fondant into a smooth round ball.
  5. Using a rolling pin, roll out the fondant into a circle. 
  6. Use the cookie cutter to cut the flower shapes and also the circle shapes.
  7. Place the flower on the foam mat and using the tool trace down the center of each flower petal.(I used the pointy end of the tool)
  8. The round circle of fondant that will be the center of each flower needs to be wet with water in order for the sprinkles to stick. (I dipped them in a bowl of water. )
  9. Then place the different colored sprinkles in different bowls.
  10. Dip the top and the sides of the circle in the sprinkles. 
  11. Make sure the bottom side of the circle is wet and free of sprinkles.
  12. Place the circle in the center of each daisy.
  13. Then gently place the flower into the egg crate. (I placed it in the egg crate to give it a more rounded appearance) 
  14. Let dry at least over night. 

The flowers were not completely hard when I placed them on the cupcakes the next day, but they still kept their shape and looked great. It was much cheaper to use only fondant to make these flowers instead of using gum paste. 

Article: How To Make Daisy Flowers With Fondant
Categories: Sweet Treats | Cakes | Fondant | Cupcakes
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Relevant Website: I was inspired to make these from this site
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